Service You Can Trust

Let Catch All Eavestroughing stop all your trough worries and save you money.

We offer a complete cleaning and maintenance program which includes:

Repairs & Replacement

  • Eavestrough Repairs
  • Eavestrough Cleaning ( trough and downpipe)
  • Tightening all Nails and Screws
  • Replacing Broken Downpipes as Needed
  • Stop Leaks
  • Install extra Hangers to prevent Future Trough Failure
  • We’ll tell you when you’re aluminum eaves can be repaired, instead of wasting money on replacing them
  • Repair of leaks and other damage to eaves and downspouts
  • Realignments and leveling (if there is pooling of water and/or warping)
  • Sealing corners and broken seams
  • Reinforcements and reattachments of detached or warping eaves using brackets and long screws
  • Ice dam prevention and repair
  • Partial or full replacement of aluminum soffits, fascia, eavestroughs, and downspouts


  • Cleaning is a significant part of Catch All Eavestroughing services
  • Our team of professionals will manually clean eavestroughs – leaves, dirt, weeds, ice, and snow
  • Unplugging and cleaning of downspout systems
  • Regular cleaning will protect against clogging, warping, and other eavestrough damage which helps you maintain your warranty.
  • Cleaning should be done prior to any repairs or sealing any leaky areas
  • Should be done at least once, a year to ensure debris isn’t clogging the eavestrough and downspout sections

Cleaning and maintenance can be done for a fraction of the price of replacing trough due to clogging or icing.

Once cleaning and maintenance are complete Catch All Eavestroughing will address any further trough problems.

Quality guaranteed

customer satisfaction is our first priority

All of our installations and repairs are backed by a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship for your peace of mind. Catch All Eavestroughing guarantees the quality of the material it uses. If at any time you notice screws, calking, etc. missing, we'll come and fix it! If you are the owner at the time of installation, we will stand behind, in front, to the left and right of our work. Our quality is our guarantee.


We offer unmatched workmanship and the highest quality materials from trusted and time-tested manufacturers.

Contact us today to speak to our professional team and we will be happy to guide you through our various products and services.

We'Re proudly Canadian-owned and family-operated WITH over 30 years OF EXPERIENCE

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