Window & Door Capping

Weather-proofing your home starts with proper window capping.

Windows and doors are generally vulnerable parts of a house. Boxes of windows and doors may regularly be exposed to moisture, rain, snow and wind flow. Capping prevents condensation by the process of bending aluminum around a wooden frame to finish the seal. Without proper capping, condensation can result in rotting around doors and windows.

Every few years, uncapped wooden doors and windows require extensive care; they need to be stripped and repainted. Once capped, very low maintenance is needed for wooden doors and windows.

For windows, doors and garage doors in the Edmonton area, we offer residential and commercial capping.

Quality guaranteed

customer satisfaction is our first priority

All of our installations and repairs are backed by a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship for your peace of mind. Catch All Eavestroughing guarantees the quality of the material it uses. If at any time you notice screws, calking, etc. missing, we'll come and fix it! If you are the owner at the time of installation, we will stand behind, in front, to the left and right of our work. Our quality is our guarantee.


We offer unmatched workmanship and the highest quality materials from trusted and time-tested manufacturers.

Contact us today to speak to our professional team and we will be happy to guide you through our various products and services.

We'Re proudly Canadian-owned and family-operated WITH over 30 years OF EXPERIENCE

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